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Frequently Asked Questions

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Online Entry

Can I swap my entry with another person?

Swaps or transfers between individuals are not permitted for the 2022 event. Withdrawn registrations will be offered to the next eligible person on the official waitlist.

I missed out on a place, is there a wait-list?
What happens if I don't have an entry but swim anyway?
What details do I need to enter the swim?
Important note about Emails
Can I enter on the day?
Is there a minimum age requirement for the swim?
Are late entries accepted?
Are entries other than online accepted?
What if I don't have a credit card?
What insurance is available to me?

Kid's Swim

Can I swim with my child in the Kids Swim?

One of our risk controls for the Kids Swim is to limit the number of children to 8 per wave at 30 second intervals and not to have significant numbers of adults in the water thus reducing the likelihood of collisions and allowing SLS to focus solely on the children and to do their job unimpeded.

If a child has a particular need for additional on-water support then an emailed request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be considered on its merits.

Age qualification


Can someone else 'check-in' for me?

No. Every swimmer over the age of 18 must check-in in person. Legal guardians may check-in for swimmers if under 18 - an eTicket must be shown.

Check-in will be by Race Number for the 2022 swim. Swimmers will be asked to show Photo ID.

Swimmers will be emailed an eTicket in the week before the swim.

Check-in at the marquee at Busselton foreshore which will be open 10:00 to 18:00 Saturday 12th February 2022 (preferred option) or 06:00 to 08:00 Sunday 13 February 2022

COVID - Safe WA Transition

Race Numbers

When/where do I get my Race Number?

You will automatically be allocated a Race Number once entries have closed. Your Race Number will be emailed to you in an eTicket in the week prior to the swim. Please bring your eTicket together with Photo ID to pre-race check-in. Check-in will be by Race Number for the 2022 swim.

Do I have to wear my race number?
Where do I put my race number tattoo?


What information do I need to enter a team?

A team name, team captain, payment and all team members details in full are required to confirm a team entry.

Swimmers can log-in later to amend or update swimmer details including changes to swim order (up until entries close, Monday 7 February 2022). Note that limited team changes are permitted.

Note that you may only register for the Ballot for one distance, i.e. you may NOT register for a solo swim and a team swim. This will result in cancellation of your entry and a two-year ban for anyone with duplicate entries.

For each swimmer:

  1. Name
  2. Have they swum the event previously using another surname (so we can collate swimmer results)
  3. Swim order (for relay).  Entrants will need to select a swim leg.
  4. Gender
  5. Date of birth
  6. Address
  7. Contact phone number
  8. Email - Please don't use your work email - see our FAQ about your email address.
  9. Emergency contact (name and phone number of somebody not swimming on the day)
  10. Any medical conditions (provided to St Johns and Surf Life Saving in case of emergency)
  11. Using wetsuit or swim aid (Wetsuit, flippers, snorkel, speed-suit, pullbuoy)
  12. Special needs (this includes requesting a support paddler)
  13. How many times have they entered the swim
  14. How did they hear about the swim
  15. Did they use our training program
  16. Why are you participating and what most appeals to you?
  17. How many family/friends/colleagues will be coming along with you as spectators/supporters?
  18. Do you have any suggestions
  19. How many nights will they be spending in Busselton (option for local resident or day visit)
  20. What type of accommodation (option for local resident or day visit)
  21. Do they have a story to share about entering the swim
Can we change team swimmers or swim order?

Doing the Swim

Can I swim around the Jetty?

This would be dependent upon your training and personal fitness. We cannot advise you on this. With the 3.6km Solo event, the One Mile Swim to Shore and the 2 and 4 person relay events there are several distance options for a swimmer to choose from. 

Can I have a support paddler?
How far is the swim?
Are there jelly fish or stingers?
How many people participate in the swim?

Estimated Swim Times

What is the estimated swim time used for? (applies to 3.6km Solo swimmers only)

Estimated swim time is used to allocate your start wave (fastest swimmers start first). Start waves have a maximum of 400 swimmers. Should more than 400 swimmers select the same estimated swim time they will be split according to date entered. Swimmers can log-on to their entry and edit swimmer details including estimated swim time using the log-in and password from their confirmation email.

Can I change my estimated swim time? (applies to 3.6km Solo swimmers only)
How do I ensure I am in the same start wave as my friend? (applies to 3.6km Solo swimmers only)
Do we all start at the same time?
How long do I have to complete my swim?

Results & Awards

Are there awards or trophies?

Yes. Every swimmer receives a finisher's award (towel) issued as they exit the finish area or the foot of the Jetty. Trophies are also awarded as per the awards list (see race rules for category details). Swimmers must collect their awards and trophies by 11:45am Sunday 13 February 2022. Awards and trophies will not be posted out.

When can I collect my award or trophy?
When will the results be available?

Swim Aids

Can I use a swimming aid, ie wetsuit, flippers, special swimsuits?

These are allowable but must be declared on the entry. If you swim with an aid, you will not be eligible for a category award. Swim aids include any device or swimsuit that may aid his/her speed, buoyancy or endurance;

  • Flippers
  • Snorkels
  • Wetsuits
  • Pull Buoys
  • Speed suits
What sort of swim suit is allowed?

Swaps & Refunds

If I pull out, can I receive a refund?

Full refunds, less a $15 administration fee ($5 for the Kid's Swim), are only available if applied for in writing or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and must be applied for prior to 11:59pm AWST Sunday 16th January 2022.

Full refund less $5 administration fee applies for Kid's Swim withdrawals until 11.59pm AWST 16th January 2022.

No refunds will be made after 16th January 2022.

If I can't swim on the day, can someone else replace me?
Can I swap my entry with another person?
Can I swap my entry to another swim category?

Cars & Bags

Is there public parking?

There is plenty of parking around the area. Parking will also be provided via a gold coin donation in Signal Park with proceeds going to Busselton Primary School P&C. Overflow parking areas have been created however please take care and be mindful of current works being undertaken in and around the area.

CLICK HERE to view a Map/Plan showing all parking within 750m radius of the Busselton Foreshore.

Is there a bag-drop area?