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The SunSmart Busselton Jetty Swim 2021 will cap team entries at 100 x 2 person relay teams and 50 x 4 person relay teams, so get in quick.   Check back to this "Teams" information page for updates in the run-up to the 2021 Event.

Please read our Event Details page for additional information

4 Person Relay Team Transition Points

The under-jetty platforms located 1 km along the jetty will be used for the first and third transitions of 4 person relay teams.

The second transition for 4 person relay teams is at the Underwater Observatory Ramp.

The 4 person relay swim distances are: first swimmer 1.0 km, second swimmer 1.0 km, third swimmer 0.6 km, fourth swimmer 1.0 km.

2 Person Relay Team Transition Point

Allies landing is the transition point for the 2 person relay swim.

The 2 person relay swim distances are: first swimmer 1.4 km, second swimmer 2.2 km

Team change-over Transition Plans for 2021 are available as a guide from our Downloads page   CLICK


Teams may be created and paid for by a team captain.

This will give you a confirmed but incomplete team.

You will receive emails from the entry system until your team is complete i.e. all details for every swimmer entered.

The team captain can complete all details for swimmers in the team OR send email invitations to team members.

Prospective team members who receive an invitation must click on the link in their email and enter all their details in the online entry system.  An invitation does not make your team complete.

For information on what details are required for each swimmer please see our FAQ page