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Swim Starts

This information is still subject to change and will continue to be updated - last updated 7 February 2021

SunSmart Busselton Jetty Swim’s focus is on swimmer safety and to accommodate the number of swimmers in 2021, the main 3.6 kilometre swim around the jetty will be a self-seeded rolling start for solo and relay swimmers.

You must wear the swim cap provided.  It indicates your estimated swim time and should enable you to swim with swimmers of similar ability.

swim startPrior to the rolling start there will be 50 Gold Cap swimmers who will start en masse at 9:00am.

Rolling / Beach Start - 3.6km solo swimmers and relay teams Swimmers will start on the beach with a rolling start in intervals commencing at 9:01 am in the following order:

  1. Solo swimmers - Yellow swim cap
  2. Solo swimmers - Orange swim cap
  3. Solo swimmers - Bright Green swim cap
  4. Solo swimmers - Aqua swim cap
  5. Solo swimmers - Purple swim cap
  6. Solo swimmers - Red swim cap
  7. Solo swimmers - Pink swim cap
  8. Solo swimmers - Dark Green swim cap
  9. 2 person relay - Blue caps
  10. 4 person relay - White caps

Please assemble on the beach in your holding bay according to cap colour by 8.45am. Beach marshals will direct you to your starting group location. Entry to the beach will be off Geographe Bay Road. Please allow enough time to move into place.

Please listen and move promptly to the beach when your cap colour is called. Do not panic if you end up with swimmers of different caps ~ your swim is timed according to when you cross the mat.


One Mile Swim to Shore - this will be a rolling start commencing at 10:30 and friends will be able to swim together.  Your swim caps will be silver.

The Kids Swim starts at 12:00 in waves of 8, at 30 second intervals.


The Finish

The finish is marked with two large chequered buoys.  Use these to align yourself with the finish chute.

Timing bands are collected as you leave the finish area.  Continue up the ramp for your finishers' towel and back to checkin for fruit and water.